Happy Feet Reflexology AZ #2 was previously at your location, are you the new owners?

Yes, we have purchased the Happy Feet Reflexology AZ #2 business and are happy to meet the needs of these clients in our new A1 Foot Reflexology establishment.  Please note that AZ Reflexology / Happy Feet Reflexology AZ #1 / Happy Feet Reflexology AZ #2 GIFT CARDS are only accepted by Happy Feet #1(Val Vista Rd/Baseline Rd).

What makes A1 Reflexology different from the other foot reflexology places?

At A1 Reflexology, we place the utmost emphasis on customer service and experience. Our company’s core mission is to provide experience that you expect and deserve.

Our reflexologists are highly skilled & experienced in the practice of reflexology. Their sole focus is to make your entire session a comfortable and relaxing one. We strive to create a warm, inviting and relaxing environment. Every detail is considered to make your time with us enjoyable. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competition.

At A1 Reflexology, we care about you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No, walk ins are welcome. However, we do recommend you to call or book online for an appointment.

What to wear for my reflexology session?

Wear something light and comfortable. Please try to leave your jewelry at home as we may ask you to remove these for your session. Light cotton clothing is recommended.

What if I have concerns with the service?

At A1 Reflexology, we take pride in customer service and satisfaction. Please inform us immediately of any concerns you have about your experience. We welcome your input and will endeavor to make your time with us as pleasant as possible.

Are there people who cannot get foot reflexology treatments?

We cannot treat people with the following condition / symptoms:

  • Injuries to their foot, fungal infections or a rash
  • Fever
  • Pregnant (within the first 3 months)
  • Aneurism or were recently treated for aneurism
  • Heart conditions or liver ailments
  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Open wounds
  • Fractured bones
  • Recent operations

How many people can be treated at once?

Two people can be treated at one time, as part of our Couples Treatment.  Up to five people can be treated at one time, as part of our Family/Friends Treatment.

Do you have gift certificates?

We provide gift certificates for any massage style and duration. You may purchase by phone or in-store.
We can also take care of mailing your gift certificate to the intended recipient.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Quiet Zone. Your cooperation is appreciated
  2. No pets allowed inside the facility
  3. We accept all major credit cards (Cash Back option for Tips)
  4. Cash gratuity preferred

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